Dental Jewellery

Research studies have consistently shown that people consider their smile to be one of their most important features and it is no surprise to find there are treatments that aim to improve the aesthetics of the smile.

What is Dental Jewellery?

Dental Jewellery is a treatment specially designed for the teeth. The most common types of dental jewellery include tooth diamond and small jewels, known as twinkles. diamond can be stuck onto the teeth as a temporary measure or they can be fitted by a dentist – jewels fitted by a dentist can last for many years.

Why is Dental Jewellery popular?

Dental Jewellery has become popular because people are looking for novel ways to enhance the aesthetic of their smile. There are hundreds of different jewels available, which means that people can change their look on a regular basis to create unique looks and improve their look.

Dental jewellery is a simple, safe and quick way to change the appearance of your smile. There are no needles involved and it is an easy, painless way to enhance your smile.

Tooth jewellery is usually adhered to or placed on Front teeth. They can be placed onto dental veneers as well.

The process consists of a consultation where you will be given a price, will be told of the disadvantages and or advantages of having the particular tooth jewelry put on the particular tooth, then the jewel of your choosing will be placed on your tooth. Instructions on how to clean effectively without the tooth jewelry becoming removed will also be given.